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I also have the same problem has koentin... and been following the comments on this tread. Also, going through the knowledge base and following clean install and all the diag routines. I have tried this application on 3 machines now with identical results, all machines are Windows 7 64 bit. VC&C AVI to DVD freezes at 8%, I have to use task manager to end the task. MyDVD completes this task without error. I have opened a ticket with Roxio and sent my systm info file. The users that are using this application without error... are you using Windows 7 32 or 64 bit please.

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Pretty poor idea to post a Me Too into an old Topic that already has 2 or 3 other people in it!


Now you need to post in detail what you problem is… The OP in that Topic was using some downloaded files of unknown origin and quality.


Your results seem similar, but that is why we need all the details!


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