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Install of Creator 2010 Pro on Windows 7 Interrupted



I am attempting to install Roxio Creator 2010 Pro on a new Windows 7 machine.


It runs threw the installation of Disk one toward the end of the monitor bar, where it is loading "Content", and then it begins to Roll Back, until the Installation Interrupted window appears.


I have attempted the installation a number of time, all have failed in the same manner.


I have seen this problem on the forum and it appears that it will be necessary for me to follow item #12... but it appeared that another user had an identical situation and it required a work around because of possibly corrupt files on the install disks... how will I know if that is my problem and I'm just beating a dead horse.




2 Hours Later....


I went through the entire clean install process, even though I did not have previous versions of Roxio on this machine and this machine was not upgraded from Vista. It failed in the same location.


I did review the installation logs and it appears to be breaking during the loading of "EMC_Content12", time wise, this is the process where the log switches from installing to unintalling, which goes right along with the screen messages reflecting the "Roll Back".


This is my sixth attempt... going down the same road with the same results... getting a bit beyond frustrated... any assistance would be appreciated... thanks...




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You can not be too frustrated if you treid it 6 times :lol:


Copy the entire DVD to a New Folder on your HDD. - check Explorer settings to make sure you can see hidden & system files


Then try running the install from there. It would not hurt if you created a new user account with full Administrator privileges and use that…


Try that and let us know.

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