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lockup when burning DVD



Having just purchased a copy of VHS to DVD, I captured an old HI8 camcorder tape to my PC using the roxio USB capture stick on DV HQ mode. All went well until I tried to use "Create DVDs" to make a DVD that could play on my TV/DVD player. The camcorder tape was 90 minutes long and so made an MPEG file larger than a standard DVD, so I used the Fit-to-disk option and then attempted to burn a DVD. At this point the the CPU went to 50% and stayed there and the application stayed at 0% and "not responding". The only way to stop this was to power the PC off, as shutdown would not work. After a few attempts, I gave up and tried to use my old EMC9 DE software to make the DVD, which it did just fine.

I am running Vista, but have the Vista/7/XP version of the VHS to DVD software. Any ideas how to burn DVDs using the VHS to DVD version would be gratefully received, as I have another 10 tapes to archive and would like to think that the having bought the package, it actually works. Thanks :)


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