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VideoWave is creating overlapping images



The problem I’m encountering appears while still working with the files in VideoWave. When I hit the ‘play’ button, some of the pictures/movie clips overlap poorly and the result looks someone tossed a stack of pictures onto the screen after a minute or so of the production. What is happening is the previous image is not ‘going away’ & creates a background for subsequent smaller images. This has nothing to do with the method I’m using to save the VideoWave production and it occurs before I import into MyDVD.


Here is the system information:

Vista Home Premium

Service Pack 1

Intel Core2 Quad CPU


32 bit operating system

Hard drive 456 GB with 168 GB free

VideoWave Production settings – defaulting handling for non-16:9 sources: show entire source

Background fill – gradient

Automotion applied to all still shots

Dissolve applied to all transitions

Default still image = 6 sec


I purchased Easy Media Creator 10 in 12/2007 (this is my 3rd upgrade) & am now being told they no longer support it - - of course they want me to purchase ANOTHER upgrade.


Any suggestions out there or do I simply pitch this program and go with a different company (this is the LAST Roxio product I'll buy now that I understand they aren't going to support it!) :angry:

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I bet you have an NVidia video card/chip. It is the drivers. Roll back or install the older drivers. There have been a lot of posts on this topic. includint some of yours. Please only one thread per issue. Look at the answers in your other thread.

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