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Exporting from EyeTV to Toast



I have just burned my first eyetv recordings to Toast. I Tried exporting a 90 minute recording to Toast that I had edited to remove the beginning and ends (Commercial Breaks).


Unfortunately Toast only burned the first 59 minutes. Is there a time limitation on the burn?


I was able to split the recording into 2 (1 59 minutes, the 2nd 30 minutes) which successfully burned in Toast.


I've looked at all the documentation for both eyetv and toast and found nothing of use.


I did nothing fancy - just a straight selection of the Toast button & burning better and best in toast which made no difference to the burn limitation.

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Did you edit the video in EyeTV and use the EyeTV link to send to Toast? Or did you use the Toast Media Browser to access the video from EyeTV and edit with the Toast Video Player? It may not matter either way. Whenever I have something go wrong with an EyeTV transfer to Toast I choose Export in EyeTV and save as a MPEG Program Stream. Then I drag that exported file into Toast.


There is no time limit.

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