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2 seconds of last chapter at begining of next chapter?




I've searched the forums, to no avail...so here I go.


I have a DCR DVD 201 Video Recorder, when I import the disk to compile the dvd I wish to create's I import in chapter's. After import, there are 2 seconds of the previous chapter on the begining of the next chapter. Unless I missed it, I didn't see this option in the pref's, and it would be a foolish feature to have anyway, so I'm thinking something's wrong here.


I would just import the whole movie as a whole, tho somehow the chapter's are not in order on disk, tho are when you view them thru the recorder (Even more odd), and need to rearranged for completion.


Thanks in advance!



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I understand that everyone is busy with clean up from Christmas, and the rush of the new year...but am I to assume that no one has every ran into this issue, nor has a helpful tip?


Anyway...Happy New Year to all.




Not much information on how you are getting the video from the camcorder to your PC.


I have never seen anybody post on your problem and so nobody can really respond to it.

I think the problem stems from how your camcorder writes the DVDs, most likely in a non-standard format.


Is there a Video_TS folder on the DVD containing ifo, bup and vob fies? Did you copy the folder to your hard drive?


Have you finalized the DVD in the camcorder?

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