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Certain Disc Images burn correctly but are unreadable



So, here's something interesting. I have an app that uses the hdiutil from apple to generate disc images. I've been doing this off & on for years and using Toast to burn them. Well, with Toast 10.0.4 & 10.0.5, Toast will burn the disc image and verify it fine, but when you put the disc back in to access the contents, it is presented as unreadable by OS X. I am currently using 10.6.2. At the end of the message the arguments that I am using.


  • I've tested this with DVD, DVD-DL, and BD-Rs.
  • Burnt on two separate computers, to several different burners, several different media types.
  • If I use Apple's Disc Utility to burn the images, they come out fine.
  • I've have successfully used Toast 7, 8, & 9 in the past on Mac OS X 10.3, 10.4, 10.5
  • The data that was burnt is only recoverable (so far) if I use Data Rescue 3 and quick scan the device (not the volume)
  • I still need to test if I have Disc Utility Generate the disc image and if that causes the same results.


hdiutil create -volname TheNameOfTheDisc -megabytes 4485 -fs HFS+ -attach /path/to/dmg/file.dmg


any thoughts? Thanks!



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