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I am most pleased to find out that this problem was not just me. I worked with support for a couple of weeks with this and they finally gave up for now. Exactly the same problem, create a dvd and all previews fine, but burn it and go to play it and there is no menu navigation because the highlight does not work. I've tried both hardware and software rendering, same. Normally i leave it on hardware. Have tried the default and several other menus and button styles. All the same. Offered to send a dvd and/or project file so they could see it, but they preferred not. Did send some screen shots to show the result in preview and when actually playing the result. This is with leaving all settings at install defaults (and also trying the button settings with the button highlight = none and text highlight = outline) everything gives the same result so far. Some hope would be great. This is win7 and 2010. Thanks much!


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