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License key for Sonic CD / myDVD


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I'm trying to get an Adaptec AVC-2310 USB video converter to work which I haven't used for several years. I can't find the original software installation CD that came with it that included the winDVR / myDVD software.


I do have a Sonic CD that I purchased separately afterwards for what I believe was TIVO-related software. However, I don't have the license key that goes with the Sonic Solutions CD. My thought is that the myDVD software might be on this Sonic CD. I found the sonic website but it's asking for a fee up-front just to talk to customer support. (I admit I'm very confused because of all the name changes with sonic, roxio, etc)


Does anyone have a clue on how I get this piece of hardware working so I can transfer old VHS to my computer and then burn some DVDs?





P.S. Still have to locate the drivers for my computer to see the 2310 ;(

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