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CD-DVD Drive is not recognized -ECDC 5

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In both Easy Media creator basic DVD home and classic creator 5 My newly installed CD-DVD drive is not recognized. The drag and drop icon shows No Recorder and when I try both versions of classic creator, when I go to burn it does not list a drive. However my drive shows as working in Device Manager and it will read and install programs and other CD's and DVD's. What can I do to have my drive recognized?

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You need to know that back in Easy CD Creator 5 the software matched your drive against an internal list held in the software, and when a match was made the drive was given parameters for an optimal burn.


If you have a new CD-DVD drive made after 2004 it won't be on the list, so you'll need to 'persuade' Easy CD Creator to recognize the drive.


This can probably be done quite easily if you can answer me the following questions:


[1] What Operating System are you running, please?

[2] What's the full version number of your Easy CD Creator 5, as shown when you go to Help > About this software?

[3] What is the make and model of your drive? [look in Windows Device Manager to see a display like this, and tell us what it says for your drive(s)]



Please be aware that Easy CD Creator 5 can only write CDs and data DVDs. No Video-DVDs.



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