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Creator Classic error #206

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Creating data DVDs mostly works just fine - except this case:


I'm trying to backup complex data from my HDD to DVD. That's why I generated a Project containing all the folders and files to save. In project properties I've chosen the option "UDF" for "File System" and checked the "UDF Bridge Support" option for long names and their support within other systems.

After clicking on "Burn to disk" and then "OK" there's a warning "The directory "[...]" exceeds the maximum depth of directories (8). [...]" which I accept with "Yes". (seems to be no harm with this warning, it also comes at other projects, which work well)

Next step seems to be a "file system generation" phase, displaying several files subsequently in the "Burn Disc Progress" window.

This phase is interrupted with an error message, showing under its headline "Project differs from source" the message "The file [...] could not be opened because error #206 occurred. [...]".

From that point I only can choose "Continue" for skipping that file, or "Stop".


By trial-and-error I found for the files-not-taken, that their total number of characters for the complete path plus file name is very large. When I use these files with other (shorter) path names or file names they are accepted by the program and burned to disk.


Is there a way to save the data without detecting and renaming / moving any single "long-named" file?


Many thanks in advance for any suggestion!



Environment: Windows XP SP2 , US version , HDD using NTFS with 15GB free space

Easy CD and DVD Creator version , engine updated to 6.2.0 , other parts updated as far as downloadable at http://www.roxio.com/en/support/ecdc/softw...datesv6_2.jhtml

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Thanks for the prompt reply.

I re-tried with "UDF Bridge Support" unchecked - and I was now able to save all the files unchanged.


Easy solution if you know it ;-)


Though there is no hint to any limitation connected to this checkbox in the "project properties - general tab" help window -- after being told so I assume, one might suspect something like that. At least, I didn't -- so thanks again for your support.

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