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toast & missing files that actually aren't missing

Peter Lee




I've created some Toast 'Mac & PC' projects for software distribution. The files are coming of a mounted sparse DMG - the project has files dragged from /Volumes/<dmg>. All works fine.


However, when I reopen the project with refreshed files (after doing a software rebuild) and try to burn the disc - Toast complains that files are missing - but they're not!


If I redrag the files into the project everything is fine... but then I have to re-mark all the files as Mac / PC as appropriate.


This seems a bit strange?




Peter Lee

Toast 10.0.5

Max OSX 10.5.8


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So the Toast project is losing track of the path to the files on the mounted .dmg after the Toast project is closed and reopened. Is that correct? As a test, see if it does the same thing if you use Toast to create a temporary partition for the files rather than the dmg, and mount (or keep mounted) the Toast temporary partition.

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I have the same problem except my source files are coming off of a WD MyBook external hard drive. I can burn as many copies as I want, but if I close the program and open it the next day to burn again, it pops up a window and says Verification Results - Some files could not be found and will be removed.


It only has trouble finding the files that are on the external drive. The files in the saved project from my main hd are still there. If I remove all those files and put them back on, it works fine again until the next session.


I have a 1 year old 24" Imac (Intel), Toast 10, and a WD MyBook drive.

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It seems to be losing track of them or is annoyed at different timestamps or something.


They are all still listed in the project, and still have the correct Mac / PC settings... but when you click on 'Burn', it goes away for a few seconds, then comes back with a list of filenames (no directories... which is irritating) that are missing.


Thanks for the suggestion - just tried that but I get basically the same behaviour.


* Created a Temporary Partition through Toast

* Added some files to that mounted partition

* Created a Mac & PC project project

* Dragged files from the temp partition into the project


I then accidently deleted the files from the temporary partition, and then via finder did an 'Undo Move'. Same thing happened - hit burn and I get a 'Verification Results' window popping up - 'Some files cannot be accessed and will be removed'.


Delete all the files in the Toast project, added them again from finder and it'll burn fine.

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