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Hey everyone,


I just purchased this product and I am having major issues. I got everything installed. I open the software and the

vidoe display comes up. here is where the problems start.


1. there is no sound when I play the video

2 (most important) when I hit capture, the program stops responding. I can minimize it but it will not close.

the only way to exit out is to reboot.


I have reinstalled the software and drivers 3 times and still the same problem.


I have contacted C/S and they just sent me to a link with FAQ's on it....which did not help.


Here is my stats.


OS...win xp pro sp3

k9a2 motherboard

AMD duo core 3.2 processor

4 gig kingston ram

Nvidia 8800 gts video card.



ANy help would be greatly appreciated.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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