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Blank Thumbnails on Menus (bug?)





I'm using Toast 10.0.4 on Leopard to create DVDs starting from iMovie 6.0 projects in DV format (VHS tapes acquired with a Canopus ADVC 110 analog/firewire converter).


I can create a disc image correctly, but if I mount it and reproduce it, the thumbnails on the DVD/s menu are all blank/black (both the movie thumbnail on the main menu and the chapters thumbnails on the chapters menu).

I tried setting the movie's main thumbnail in Toast as explained in the manual in the movie's properties ("Movie" tab), the thumbnail is black and remains black also after clicking the "set" button; what I can notice is that the movie preview picture forwards a bit when I click on the "set" button (is it choosing a keyframe?), but the thumbnail stays black.


[edit:] I've set up chapter markers in iMovie and Toast correctly gets them. I did not try the "N minutes" options but I doubt it can have any effect as the movie thumbnail itself stays black. [edit end]


I use to get the *.mov file in the DVD subfolder of the iMovie project package directory (which is a reference movie). I also tried to convert the reference movie to a fully contained DV-encoded QT movie (I've got QT Pro), but results are the same.


I'm wondering if this is a known issue and if there's a solution to it. Any help?




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Version 10.0.4 had some bugs that got fixed with 10.0.5. Maybe this is one of them. It sounds to me that you did everything correctly. You might try trashing the Toast plist and prefs files in your User>Library>Preferences folder.


By the way, if your iMovie project is in your Movies folder you also can access that reference movie using the Toast Media Browser by choosing Movies with the browser's top button.

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