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changing from 16:9 to 4:3?



I've produced a slideshow of photos using the 16:9 format. I've then saved the product as a slideshow and sent to MyDVD for burning (excuse me if the names of the programs aren't exactly right as I'm at work and writing this from memory :) )


I set the production as 16:9 when I started but now want to change it to 4:3 ratio for normal tv viewing as opposed to widescreen. The thing is short of redoing the whole slideshow from scratch and selecting the 4:3 option at the beginning how can I change betewwn the 2 formats?

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If you created the 16:9 in a Videowave project, there is no way to change it. You will have to start over.


But... you could go back to your Video project and output to 16:9 DV AVI file. Start a new Videowave project as 4:3 and import the 16:9 file. This would letterbox it.

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