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Creator 2010 failing installation



I bought Creator 2010 and was happy to install it, but it failed. It started to roll back at 'video capture USB'. I had previously Creator 10.1, which I uninstalled. After contacting Roxio Support I was advised to make clean installation as advised in the attachment. A new installation was tried with excatly the same result as before. I have also checked all the drivers if there is any newer versions available and installed if so. Now, I have received several instructions from the support without getting the software installed in my PC. It is always rolled back at the same spot. What is remarkable for me that there has not been any error messages given what is missing or whatsoever.

I have a Dell XPS420 computer with OS Windows Vista(32) Home Premium SP2, 4 GB RAM, 500 GB hard drive, Graphic card: ATI Radeon HD 2600 XT.

Now, I've been seeking for solution for the installation problem since November 13 2009 without success.

Have anybody any usable ideas what to search and correct for. I suppose this is not the first time anybody is trying to install this software in his PC.

I live in Sweden and the OS version I am using is the Swedish one.





13 January 2010. Now it is exactly two moths agao I contacted about the failing installation of Roxio Creator 2010. There have been a lot of investigation and trials at different directions without succeeding solving the installation problem. I did also at the end contacted Dell (XPS420) technical support, without coming to a solution. As the very last trick I decided to reinstall OS Vista(32) Home Premium and consequently all other user software hoping to solve the problem of installation.


Now, after meny hours of installation of software I tried again the installation and it went through the whole of installation without even showing any warning dialogs from the protection software. This including your SP1, which I downloaded from your web site and installed.


My reflection is that the problem might be the one caused of an automatic update to V-Guard firewall/virusprotection. After this update had been automatically installed then no further Windows Updates was possible. I contacted locally Microsoft describing the problem and they told me there was a lot of customers contacting them about the same faulty condition. I was asked to contact about the problem the Internet providers technical support. The technician was remotedly conected to my PC and after about a one and a half hours he found a solution to this problem. He deleted some files in the system I do not know about. After that the updates seem to work until I bought Roxio Creator 2010. This software required updating different drivers in the system. I noticed then I could not update graphical driver however way I tried (with administrator authorization). The last drop to my patience came when I had to change a printer to my PC and my PC was unable to install the required drivers for it.


To conclude the case:

The positive experiences are: All of the software seem to run faster. I have also been able to update all drivers to the current status. I think all the remaining files in the system left after all installations etc. are also clared. This again resulting better PC performance.

The negative experiences are: The Roxio Creator 2010 could have better performance giving som error messages giving this way a better guidance what to look after or even requesting a reinstallation of OS etc. My reflexion about the help from Tehnical Support/Customer Care was quite not what I excpected. This compared to other software suppliers Support.


For my part this case is closed and the software is successfully installed without problems of any kind.


Kind regards,

Ensio Kunnasluoto

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