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Bad Tivo Transfers



Tivo transfer 2.0


Toast Titanium 10.0.5


Intel Mac running 10.5.8


I have an Intel Mac running 10.5.8. I have Toast Titanium 10.0.5 and Tivo transfer 2.0ring. I have been successful in transferring shows from my Tivo to my Mac until recently, when all I get is a bunch of garbage when I try to view what has been transferred. It names the show correctly and gives the correct amount of time, but the picture is green junk for lack of the proper term for what I am seeing. I have erased the transfered show and started over again, but get the same thing.


I have another computer that has Toast 8. something on it and it is transferring the same show just fine. I am an unsophisticated grandmother who loves to use her "stuff" and this is driving me crazy, especially since I promised a friend that I would burn her a DVD of a program that she missed, and it just isn't working.



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You may have already found this by searching here... but a number of folks have reported this issue with 10.0.5. I had a bunch of previously transferred files which were playing just fine under 10.0.4... upon "upgrading" to 10.0.5 they all showed the green macro-block distortions. The files aren't trashed, the player is.


My solution was to go back to 10.0.4 - thank goodness for time machine 8-)


Others have found ways just to back rev the 10.0.4 version of Toast Video Player and that fixed the problem...


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