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Installing Easy Media Creator Suite 9

Clive Dixon


I previously had a version Media Creator 9 DE installed. I have just purchased the above in a (Marks & Spencer) sale very cheaply. When I tried to install without uninstalling version DE the message came back to say I needed to uninstall DE & would I like to do this now? A response of 'Yes' just led to a loop of the message, which I eventually got out of by clicking on 'X' in the top right hand corner. Install then proceeded until I entered the key. I was then told that the key was invalid. The installation disc was taken out of a previously sealed box and CD wallet. At a risk of ignoring the bleeding obvious that it is an invalid key (If so, watch out Marks & Spencer) has any one come across an invalid key problem linked to and already installed version. I've probably answered my own question when I say that I later unistalled version DE myself snd still got the invalid key message when I attempted to then install Media Creator Suite 9. HELP!

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