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Can't Install EMC 9

Clive Dixon


I have the same problem, with a twist! I could not install EMC 9 on my PC. When I entered the key the message ' Invalid key. Please enter correct key' came back to me. To check if this message was really true I then installed onto my laptop - with no problem. Unfortunately I require the software on my PC, not my laptop. I did have a version DE of EMC 9 already on my PC - It was supplied with the PC. The installation process detected this and said it needed to be deleted first, and would I like this to be done for me. I hit the YES button, but it came back and asked me again, ... and again... I got out of the loop by clicking on the cross in the top right hand corner. Maybe this is the cause of my problem. One other difference between my PC and laptop is that I have 'LP to MP3' installed on the PC. I hope this is not causing a problem but I do nmot know who to turn to at Roxio for help. HELP !


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