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Chapters Scenes and Things




Chapters and Scenes seem to give most of us a lot of trouble until we understand what they ARE and more importantly what they ARE NOT.


We will be referring to 3 programs in the Suite from the Video/Movies tab:





Scenes are the easiest to explain. They only apply to Media Selector & Media Manager and can only be used in the VideoWave program.


Scenes are portions of a video clip that you can drag into VW and make use of.


This is really handy when you have a long clip and want to break it apart for use in a DVD production. A Vacation would be a perfect example. You want to present it as 1. Getting There; 2&3. The Sights; and 4. Going Home.


You can select Scenes from either the Folder View or My Media View in Media Selector:




Right Click on the clip and select Scene Detection:




There is an Auto-detect which sometimes works great other times it churns for ages and creates 100's of scenes!


I prefer to manually select, playing, stopping using the thumbwheel or frame by frame buttons to select precisely where I want it to Start:




To use Scenes in VideoWave, you must have the Media Selector showing and My Media tab (to drag a scene) or from the Add Photo/Video – in the My Media tab (double click the Scene)




One more choice is to have the Media Manager program open and Drag scenes from there…


The use of Memory Cards in camcorders are helping produce Scenes automatically. A new video clip is created every time you press Record… Not 100% but it helps.


But Scenes cannot be used directly in MyDVD!


Scenes answer a very common need of plucking one or 2 parts out of a long video clip. You can either Export As or do a Save As with your VideoWave Project. There are advantages and disadvantages to both ways… We will come back to that but while we are in VW, lets look a Markers:




Markers can be set in Timeline and later converted into Chapters in MyDVD! Pretty handy. For some reason in Creator 2010, they have to be manually converted one at a time, but even then it is an advantage to set them while in VideoWave since you are editing anyway at that point.


But that only works if you Save your Project!


If you elect to do an Export As all markers will be lost. Now to move on to Chapters.



First we need to understand that video clips or slideshows added to a MyDVD Project are called Titles. Titles will always have a Menu Button! Roxio does have a habit of calling them "movies" in 2010 but they are properly called Titles.


Chapters are Points along a Title that you can jump to with the 'Next' button on your Remote:




Chapters may have a Menu Button but it is not required… Most new users try to misuse Chapter as Titles and run into trouble.


The trouble is when you click a Chapter Button, the Title will play from there to the end of the Title! Most users want it to stop at the end of the Chapter and return to the Menu. But that is not Standard behavior for Chapters and nothing you can do will make them behave that way!


Even more bizarre to new users is if you have more Titles and click Next in the last Chapter, it will jump to the First Chapter of the next Title


Again, this is Standard behavior and you will find that commercial movies behave in the same manner! Not too many Commercial DVD movies have multiple Titles unless you have one that has several episodes of a TV show on it.


It will have Chapter menus that play from selection to end, or if you get carried away you will find yourself in the next Title!


Look at my Project:




I have 4 Titles and an Unlinked Button. The Unlinked Button I intend to use as a Play All later.


Now look at the details. All 4 Titles have Chapters but only the "Movie 1" does not have Chapter Menus.




You can see this by looking in the Project View: post-39730-1262992913.jpg


Note how there is not any Chapter Menu under "Movie 1".


If you did not use Markers in your VideoWave Project, you create Chapter Points in MyDVD by Right Clicking on a Title and Selecting Edit Chapters…




This opens a window where you can select Chapters:




The Default when it opens is with the 'Generate Chapter menu(s)…' turned on… Since we have seen this is of dubious value, I usually turn it off immediately.


You can manually select where you want Chapters or use either the Scene Detection or set a fixed time…


I don't like the Automatic so I either do it manually or go with Every 5 or 6 minutes.


Of note! You see the lock on the "Start of Movie" Well you can't have a Chapter there or within 15 Seconds of the Start or End of a "Movie" These are DVD Movie Standards and they are not going to change.


Remember the 'Markers' from the VideoWave Project file??? Now we will use them.


We add the VideoWave Project we saved before we left there. The file will have a dmsm extension on it.


Then we Right Click it and select Edit Movie:




Right Click on each Marker and select Convert to Chapter marker:




When done click the Back to MyDVD button at the top:


If you want to generate a Chapter Menu or just check on things when you get back into MyDVD, just Right Click like we did before and 'Edit Chapters':




The Unlinked Button??? That is covered Here.

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