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Now that is a new one! I love these forums just for enlightenment and challanges it brings.


By "Roxio Device" I will guess you are referring to either the Audio USB Capture device or the Video USB capture device.


Both of these do not automatically start any program.


So you would have to open the Audio or Video capture program that you want to use then plug in the device.


Please provide more details of what you want to accomplish and what device and software you have.


With that we can provide some step by step instructions. And we would want to know if you are able to view any screen images or pictures?


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I am blind and use a screen reader called Jaws. When i plug in my Roxio device my screen reader does not work. please advise.


Have you tried to contact Jaws to see if the program is compatible? They list several (JAWS supports versions of Microsoft Office Suite, Internet Explorer, MSN

Messenger®, Corel® Word Perfect, Adobe® Acrobat Reader, and many more applications.) They don't say what the other applications are but the ones listed are primarily text type programs. I would there is some incompatibility between the programs that won't allow the visual aspects of both to be used at the same time.

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