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Windows 7, .mov files, video too fast



I'm not sure which thing is causing me problems!


I'm using Windows 7. I just upgraded to Creater 2010 from Creator Suite 10 so that it would work with Windows 7.


I am processing video from a Kodak Zi8 camera that produces .mov files.


I used Quicktime Pro to convert the mov files to mp4. These imported into Creator Suite 10 (MyDVD) just fine, but the DVD wouldn't burn, presumably because of Windows 7. Thus the Roxio upgrade.


When I added my MP4 movies to MyDVD in Creator 2010, the sound is fine but the visual part of the video goes very fast (not matching the audio). I'm wondering if there's a setting I need to change.


I tried converting the mov files using "Copy and convert video" in Roxio (although that program assumes you are making a video compilation right there, not using the files in MyDVD). But they came out with no sound. I'm suprised because I read a review from someone who was using her mov files from a Kodak camera with this program.


Any ideas? I have sent this question to tech support but haven't heard back. I've been trying to make this DVD for three days solid. Thanks for any input!!


Do Mi

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Did you install service pack 1 for Creator 2010?


BTW, what happens when you import those .mov files directly into Creator 2010?



Thanks for the quick reply!!!


Yes, I installed the service pack.


I have tried importing the .mov files into MyDVD via Add movie. I get video but no audio.


I have tried converting them with the Converter. Preview gives me no audio; I just realized I hadn't tried actually converting, so am trying that now. Will report in soon, but I'm not hopeful since even previewing the source gives no audio. Is there some other way to import .mov files?




Do Mi

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Use Videowave to import your .mov file if your test fails.


Okay. Is Videowave very different from MyDVD?


I added a .mov file to Videowave and got no audio.


Copy and Convert is done. It doesn't tell what file extension the converted file will have, but I don't see an additional file in the folder where I told it to put the file. Sigh.


Sorry for the newbie-type questions.


Do Mi


I just imported one of the mp4 files (converted via Quicktime Pro) into Videowave, and it is playing fine. !!!!! I will be able to edit the brightness there, I assume.


How do I then get the video into MyDVD? (Another newbie question--wish the help files were clearer about some of this).


Do Mi

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Dave, you ROCK. It worked to edit the mp4 versions in Videowave, then import those saved productions into MyDVD. I haven't tried burning the DVD yet--wish me luck.


I will probably be back later to get help figuring out how to edit an mp4 in Videowave and save it as something that can be posted on Youtube. But first things first.


Thank you SO much.


Do Mi

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For editing:

Go to the Home page and click on the "Learning Center" tab and then the "Video-Movies" tab. The next to the last video/pdf is "Editing a Video With Video Wave".

For burning to disc:

Under the "Data-Copy" tab, watch the first video about ISO files.

For on-line Sharing

If you want to upload to an on-line sharing site, in Video Wave, select the "Export as" icon above the preview windows and select to output to that you want to use. Then you can use "Share Video" to upload the video file to YouTube

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