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This week's mystery issue.



I used a voice recorder to record the audio at a lecture, while recording video with an HDV camera.


The voice recorder is an Olympus VN-6200 PC, which says it records to WMA format, so you can bring it right into the compter.


I did that, and then brought the recording into sound editor to get the audio playing on both the left and right speakers. It worked fine. I also stretched the file a bit, since the recorder audio slowly had gone out of sync with the video, and I read the solution was to stretch it a bit. And if I play the audio file now, it plays fine.


And when I brought that file and synced it up to the video in Videowave, it played fine in the preview.


The person I'm doing this for wanted it as a data file, to work with later, so I wanted to keep the file as orginal quality as I could, so I output it as.....I think mpeg2, but if I click on it's properties it just says mpeg.


And now, I can open the data file disc, and play the file, but it will only play the audio if I play it with Roxio's CinePlayer. If I play it with Windows Media Player, on either of my computers, it only plays the video --no audio.


The person I sent it to just told me the same thing - he's not getting any audio.


Why would the audio play fine with CinePlayer only?


I also tried putting the data disc in my regular DVD player, and it let me play it, but also without audio.


So, to sum up:


Audio file alone plays fine using windows media. Video file plays fine using windows media. Join the two together, and the audio does not play using windows media, or using a DVD player, but will play using CinePlayer.


Another unsolved mystery. Suggestions anyone?



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You really get into some interesting projects! There is a fine line between Interesting and Royal Pain in the A.. well you know what I mean :rolleyes:


Terms! There are no "data files" in video. An MPEG is a Video File!!!


So what you have looks about like this (w/o birds). At the bottom is your Video and its' Native sound track.


Then the Audio track you added:




You click Export As at the top and if you set the Purpose to All, you will have the MPEG-2 DVD, best quality option.


Be careful to note the Location where it will save and give it a filename you and your client can live with.




Extra Credit: If he just wants just audio you can do the Export As then point Add Photo/Video selector to that MPEG and right click it for the Export Audio option…


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Hello Jim,


Yes, that is the exact process that I did, which has brought me to this issue. Now I have that mpeg2 (best quality for dvd) file, that only plays the audio on it when I use Cineplayer. (No audio when played in DVD player, or using Windows Media player)


Sorry, when I said "data file", I just meant that he wanted it burned as a Data Disc that he can use to easily access the video, instead of burning it as an ISO DVD player disc.


Anyway, I'm glad that you see the steps I took to make the file, now I'm just trying to figure out why it

didn't work.







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