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Driver incompatibility message on start up


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I tried to view an old CD with photos on it - created many years ago using ECDC 5. I put it into my laptop running Vista unaware of the problems with it. Anyhow to cut a long story short, I cannot view the photos and more annoyingly receive a message stating Driver imcompatibility which may be unstable and this will be disabled.


I cannot find out how to get rid of this. I am no computer expert and am a bit stuck!!


I have tried doing a system restore, however this seems to be prevented by something - not sure if the two are linked.


Any advice??


Regards, Karen.

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Hello again,


Have found the solution!!! Yippee!!!!




The fourth post has the instructions that I followed and it worked!! No more messages on start up.


Doesn't however solve the problem of the photos I cannot see on the disc though!! :huh: Never mind something may turn up!!


Regards, Karen.

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Hello Sknis,


I really cannot remember what I did with the photos - as I said before I am not really computer technically genned up - just use the stuff I use and don't really know about much else!!


The only reason I know this was done with Easy CD Creator is that it says it on the disc, and of course the problems I had with it when I tried to view it.


I will have a look at this and see if it can help.


Also to anyone using the above link for the same problem - I also lost my DVD drive after removing the file however the fix from Microsoft seems to have resolved it.


Regards, Karen.

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Hi Karen,


This driver that Direct CD from ECDC5 installs, is put onto your hard drive and an entry which causes it to load is put into your registry.


The "cure" you saw in Techarena removes the file from the hard drive, but not the entry from the registry. So when Windows sees the registry is wrong it loses your drives until you rebuild the registry with that Microsoft fix.


The best way to fix your problem would have been to edit the "filters" part of your registry so the driver isn't loaded any more. However you've got to the right place now, even if the journey was a bit longer. :)


Now, try Steve's suggestion about Isobuster to see what you can recover from the old discs.




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