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Burn fails



Using Toast 10.0.5 ( SLeo ) and just today have had 3 DVD-R ( memorex ) failures. All was OK a few days ago.


After the first failure I did a restart and after the second failure ran TechToolPro from the TTPro virtual drive. No problems with hard drive or files. Also ran repair permissions with no problems reported. Used DiskWarrior 4.2 to refurbish the directory.


With Each failure i am told:


Interface error 5


The connection is not stable

What does those messages mean and how can i fix ?


Have is missed some Leo updates or Toast updates ?


When i used Leo's burning service all was OK so then why is Toast not working ?







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The error indicates a communication problem between Toast and the drive. It could be related to the media. Get some Verbatim brand discs and see if that fixes the problem. Toast seems to be more temperamental with specific media and drive firmware than Apple's disc burning. What kind of DVD are you trying to burn? Have you tried saving as disc image and then burning the disc image using the Image File setting in the Copy window?

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There are a few people working on this issue. I didn't check to see if outside URLs are permitted, but here's one I've been following on the Apple boards: http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?threadID=2241718


If it gets edited out, the thread is called "interface error: 5 the connection is not stable" in the support forums at Apple.


It does appear to be an issue with Toast, though I have not yet managed to find a solution.

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Thanks for the url to apple's discussions. ( i forgot to check that site out for similar problems ) .


I have the same machine ( late 2009 issue iMac 3.06GHz not even a month old ) and can only hope apple in it's stealth and usual way issues an update to LEO and a firmware update for their CD/DVD drives.


And also ROXIO should explore this problem since there are many many postings at apple's discussion site with the same problem.


( if this keeps up i am going back to my Performa6360 and burning with Adaptic Toast because it has never ever failed on a burn )

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