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Getting good video with clip extraction



I am teaching a class and I want to use clips from DVDs for the presentation. I understand how to convert video TS files into DV, the problem is they don't look good. When I burn a DVD (I use DVD Studio Pro) it looks extremely grainy, digitized, and altogether bad. Are there any settings I can use to get great looking DV? Thanks

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You're using Popcorn to convert clips from a VIDEO_TS folder to DV and then using DVD Studio Pro to create a new DVD from those clips. Is that correct? The result is that the video dramatically loses quality. That shouldn't be happening. Certainly there is some quality loss when converting video from one lossy format to another but it shouldn't be that great. When you play the DV video itself on the Mac (using actual size and not the zoomed full screen) does it look pretty much the same as the source?


I'm not sure why you are doing the project the way you are. You also can just extract the MPEG 2 clips from the VIDEO_TS folder and make a new DVD without any conversion from those clips. Each clip will be a different title on the DVD.

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