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Can't capture existing DVD files




I have an LG VHS - DVD recorder. It records and plays back in both directions - I am trying to make DVDs from the videos I took over the years, and this is the first time I am using the LG produced DVD.

I have "finalized' the DVDS, so my DVD player on the computer can read them. I have both a DVD player and burner on the same machine. The computer operates fine on Windows XP, HP Media center m7260n, w/4 GB RAM.- generally not a slouch, when recording or burning DVDs.

The DVDs produced are all entitled LG_COMBI_RECORDER. I try to record them using Roxio Media Import. The DVD drive (tried both "E" & "F" drives) is read, but no files show up in the system panel, so the "Import Now" never turns on. No files are evident - I can press play, nothing happens.

I can see the files when I look at the drive directly and I can play them on Win DVD and with the Roxio Cine Player, so I am fairly sure that the DVD is created with all the right electronic tags and markers.

I have tried to drag and drop the files - that doesn't work. The program bombs out.

Video copy and convert works - if I want to copy the entire DVD, but I want to edit it using Videowave, to remove some of the bad camera shots and I am not able to load the DVD. What am I doing in error or out of sequence?

Thank you in advance.

Rick Wolfe

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Hello Digital Guru,

I did copy the files to a separate folder, and I can use them for a video compilation, and burn a disc exactly like the one that I want to trim.

I tried updating the video drivers - no difference. I cleaned out the ash & trash on the HD and even defragmented it - still no difference. The "Capture Video" program does not recognize any of the files on the disc the one created on the DHS-DVD recorder (JVC DR MV-150B, with LG innards). Other discs that I have made on the computer are read OK, so now I am wondering if there is a problem with the finalization process on the JVC.

I am still trying to find a solution, but not doing so well with the Roxio product. Thank you, perhaps you have some other ideas.

Rick Wolfe

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The "Capture Video" program is called Roxio Media Import, and is used for capturing video from devices such as a capture card or a camcorder. You already have your video on the hard drive in that separate folder you mentioned, so no need to try and capture it again.


I've not played much with this part of Creator 2009, but I think that what you are needing to do is get your video into Videowave where you can edit it and then save/burn the results.


Please try this:

-run 'Edit Video - Advanced' which will run Videowave for you.

-create a new production, and then go to the top left of Videowave, Add Photo/Video

-a media selector box will open. Navigate to the separate folder where you've saved the files off your DVD

-double-click on VIDEO_TS.IFO, and an "Import" box should open looking something like this. [i have C2010 on my system at the moment, so had to get it from there.]



In my case Movie 1 was obviously the main feature, and I thought Movie 2 was probably a menu. I selected Movie 1, and the whole shebang was loaded into Videowave for editing and further action.


Is this what you want to do?




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