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Videowave 12 Runtime errors



I am stumped and would welcome any other advice on how to resolve this. My system is a 4-5 year-old Sony RA830G Tower x-86 Pentium duo core running Windows XP Pro Media Center Edition Service Pack 3. I have added 2 gigs of RAM and recently upgraded the video card to a GForce 8400 GS.


I upgraded from Creator 9 to a download of Creator 2010 Pro last week and have not been able to get most of the components to work, despite trying virtually every solution I have seen in the knowledge base and user support forums here. I can't write DVDs or capture video because all of the video programs, like Videowave 12 crash upon launch with runtime errors - "abnormal program termination" and "R6025 pure virtual function call".


When I first downloaded the program, a popup window came up saying I needed Media Player 11 (though the online specs say 10 is fine). In trying to upgrade this, I found I had to do a rollup update of Media Center, which took me over an hour of futzing. I also ran a bunch of Microsoft update items so the system appears to be as up to date as it can be and still be XP Pro. I also made sure that DirectX was completely updated to 9.


Today I unstalled Creator 9, unistalled Creator 2010, upgraded my NVIDIA drivers to the latest update and then followed the instructions I found here on another thread to do a clean install -- I removed all Program Folders related to Roxio and Sonic that were in the Programs and Documents and Settings folders for both all users and my main user. I then edited the registry to remove all iterations of these programs as described.


Once I followed all those steps AND ran a Spybot check to insure there was no resident malware (I am not currently running virus protection), I changed the msconfig to startup with everything disabled. I then re-downloaded the software and did the clean re-install.


There were no error windows in the install, but upon restart, the exact same errors were resident - runtime errors about program termination and pure virtual function call that disallow any video software to work.


I ignored the Runtime Error screen and tried going into Videowave tools and changing the rendering toggle from Hardware to Software, however, when I click the OK button at the bottom of the screen, it never does anything -- the window doesn't close unless you manually use the upper right hand X and upon re-opening the window, the rendering is set at Hardware again. Probably because the Runtime Error window, though minimized, is just waiting to close the software?


My system appears to meet all requirements, and I've done every fix that I've seen in the User Forums. This seems to be the most finicky software I have ever installed!

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Actually, I just stumbled on a different solution... though I'm not sure why it works - and would love any thoughts!


I saw a post where someone said to create a new administrative rights level user in XP named Roxio, and then reinstall the software in that user's profile.


So I created the new user... but before I did the full reinstall, I decided to just try the software logged in there without altering it... and it WORKED!! No runtime errors at all. Now... what would be configured funkily in my normal profile that would prevent the program from running while it works in an unmodified profile?


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