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Why does this program turn a 1.5 hr movie into a 5 min video clip?



I bought this program a few weeks ago but just got a chance to try it...it's been a little frustrating thus far.


I have an emachines laptop, 2 gb ram 160gb hdd with about 75 gig left, running windows vista basic. I got it in september, so it's fairly new.


I have plugged the cords in properly from what i can see.


I captured the first time as DV, the second time as DV HQ and both times, when i try to watch the video, get this 5 min ultra fast running video clip. Ideally I'd like a version that is usable on my computer, then I will think about burning it to a disc. I'm assuming that it needs to be converted somehow but I'm at a loss as to how you actually do that.


I tried using the program that comes up when you press create dvd, but it can't even find the dang file even though I'm in the folder that I know I saved it to...EDIT: Scratch that, i found it...but it runs ultra fast in that preview as well.

Any help would be appreciated.

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What are full specs and how do I list them?


Is there any way to make it work on a laptop? My desktop is ancient and probably doesn't have the requirements to run the program... and certainly doesn't have the memory to copy anything to the hard drive. I was playing around with some of the other parts of the program and they seem like they could be fun to mess around with and create stuff, but I did buy the package primarily to transfer VHS tapes to DVD and Audio tapes to mp3's... will I have problems with the audio capture do you think? I will be using the mic in/phones out method...



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Like I have in my signature block… Some pieces come from pressing Win-Pause (Operating System-Processor/speed-RAM)


Then use Windows Explorer and right click on the HDD, selecting Properties to see how big it is and what amount of free space is remaining.


Open the program and click on Help – About so you can list the Version Number.


I don't think it looks too gloomy… Your lap has USB 2 or you would have gotten nothing! I have tested it successfully on my little Dell Mini10.


Probably just needs some tweaking and maybe a little user technique.


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Like I said, I got it in September so it's gotta have at least a few bells and whistles that my oldie doesn't (I know that one doesn't have the usb2, cause it is always telling me that things will run faster with it)


This is what I got looking at System through the control panel...not really all that familiar with vista yet.

Windows Vista Home Basic Service Pack 1

Emachines E625

AMD Athalon Processor TF20 1.6 GHz

RAM 2.00 GB

System Type 32-bit Operating system

74.1 GB of 136 GB free (Though I have two versions of a movie that are useless and I can delete and free up a couple more)


Version 1.2.198 SP1,


Thanks for the help!

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I am guessing that is the later Vista compatible version???


Love to know the Build Number for that one too!


But Roxio says the Win7 came out in late October… The Win7 one has that logo on the box and if it is, then SP2 is not compatible with it!


But since you said, September, it is probably only Vista compatible. Check out the link cd provided and run the SP2 if needed.


Your PC should not be a problem, but try a short test capture (10 minutes) again making sure you have everything else shutdown or turned off.


Capture is a massive load on your CPU and HDD, not the time to multitask :o

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I had absolutely no problems installing it...I think I may still have the whole box floating around here somewhere, not sure, I'll have to look. The CD itself has copyright 2008 on it. Just to clarify, I got the laptop in september and I bought the program early this month. As soon as I installed the program, it updated something, and then I didn't use it again till yesterday. I will follow the link and update and try again.


I figured it wasn't the kind of program you wanted to have anything else running with, so i shut down whatever I could from the taskbar, plugged it in and let it go. Is the capture window supposed to stay in sync with what you see on tv? Both times it lagged and jumped around when I tried.


Thanks for all the help, will let you know how it goes.


EDIT: Ok, I tried installing the service pack and it tells me that I don't have the program installed???

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is the win7 version going to be a problem for vista? Build number is 121B98A, VHS; 500B35A, VHS


Havent tried any short caputres, might try tonight or tomorrow afternoon...back to work for me tonight, so I gotta get some sleep this afternoon. I haven't done anything to the program or the computer, I'd figure that it would all come out the same?

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