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DVD Player recognizes disk but won't Playback DVD Compliant MPEG 2 vid



Hi guys,


I created a DVD compliant MPEG 2 video in TMPGENC and then imported into DVDit Pro HD. When I import it tells me that the video is not compliant for Blu Ray Discs, which is fine because I want to create a SD DVD. Anyway, when I go to burn my disc the program doesn't transcode the video which is what I want. The only problem is that when I put the DVD in my DVD/Blu Ray Player it recognizes the disk and takes me to the menu put when I select the video/title and press play, it NEVER plays. However, when I import an AVI into DVDit Pro HD and burn a disk it playback just fine. Can anyone help me out with this? Why won't it playback?

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did you make elementary streams with TmpgEnc?


video bitrate should be no more than 7700

audio bitrate should be ac3 256

and close the GOP


for Pal




Thank you for the response. Yes, I did create elementary streams. Well, I found something new out. I can play the DVD with the compliant MPEG on my regular DVD player but when I put it into the Blu Ray player it does not work. I will give your solution a try and see if that makes a difference for the Blu Ray player. Also, to be sure I am burning a DVD not a Blu Ray disc. I just want to be able to play that DVD in the Blu Ray Player.



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