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Can U Advise Me Please

dr pete


To do periodic data backups, I reuse a DVD-RW. In Roxio EMC 10, I use Data & Backup - Data Disc option. I load folders into write list from their sources and burn as a 1 session (in case I ever have to recover the data on a different PC). I always add to the write list the most recent prior backup data set that is already on the DVD. As expected, selecting data that resides on the DVD I will write to, causes Roxio to copy that data to my Hard Drive first. When I initiate the Burn, msg asks if I am OK with erasing the disk as necessarily occurs with a RW disk overwrite. I click YES and Roxio erases disk then proceeds with the burn.

This has worked before w/o problem, but now I consistently get msg that it cannot write the files it got off of the disk from the prior backup session. This despite > adequate capacity on the DVD and DVD not having been used nearly to it's max. number of burns.

Any ideas how to troubleshoot, fix?

Dell 8200 Pentium 4 @2 GHz, 80 GB HDD, 512 RAM

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