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Burning CD



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I seem to remember when burning a CD on an old version of Roxio, I used to be able to use "Reverb". I can't find it on Easy Media 7.5. Did they take it off?

I forget the exact options in 7.5, I have EMC 8 installed now, but Sound Editor is very similar in both. In EMC 8, you'll find it under Sound Effects (I believe it's "Sound Fx" in 7.5) and it's the "Digital Hall". I don't know which previous version you were using, but it used to be under SoundStream.


Hope that helps!

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I forget the exact options in 7.5,


Enhancing audio clips with effects Retail

In Sound Editor you can apply audio effects to entire audio clips, or to selected areas of audio clips.


You can enhance your audio clip in many ways, including adding an interesting processed sound to your audio, or simulate the sound of older analog recording being played from vintage audio equipment.


To enhance audio clips with effects:

Select the portion of the audio clip to which you want to apply an effect.

Note: Because the audio effects are “layered” on top of each other as you apply them, it’s best to play the enhanced audio clip each time you apply an effect, and adjust it before applying another effect.


Click the Effects button on the Clip Editor toolbar.


Note: When previewing the effects applied to your audio clip, you can select the Bypass option which lets you preview the audio clip without the effects. This is helpful if you want to compare the how the audio clip sounds with and without the effect.


Choose from the following effects:


Alienizer: Lets you add a fun and dramatic effect. Adjust the Alien 1 and Alien 2 controls in combination for a range of metallic and “alien” effects.


Digital Hall: Simulates your music being played in an enclosed venue by using various levels of sound reverberation and echo. Select Box, Room, Church, or Cathedral to simulate any of these environments. Adjust Room Size by dragging on the graphic image of the box, room, church or cathedral.


Maturizer: Simulates the sound of older, “mature,” analog recordings, such as scratchy LPs or noisy audio tapes played from vintage audio equipment. Apply settings in any one or more of five areas: Noise, Hum, Crackle, Click, and AM Radio.


Mono to Stereo: Creates a simulated stereo signal from a mono signal.


Parametric Equalizer (4-band) with Master Volume: Lets you boost or cut the amplitude (volume) for four frequency bands. You can adjust the bandwidth and the center frequency of each of the four bands. This effect also includes a master volume control to let you increase or decrease overall output level.


Pitch: Lets you adjust the pitch of the audio without affecting the speed. Level 0 is the original pitch. To adjust it, move the slider up or down.


RoboVoice: Similar to the Alienizer, RoboVoice also adds an interesting “processed” sound to your audio. Adjust the Harmonize and Metallize settings to lend a decidedly robotic flavor to your playlist. Check Spread to subtly alter the effect.


Stereo Enhancer: Lets you adjust the amount of separation between the left and right channels of a stereo signal.


Will this help.



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I seem to remember when burning a CD on an old version of Roxio, I used to be able to use "Reverb". I can't find it on Easy Media 7.5. Did they take it off?


No such animal that I know of, but you could take a peek at Sound Editor and see what tickles your fancy there. It is a good program in the suite.


My Pioneer SX 9000 amplifier, from 1970, has a built in reverb. I used it a lot back in the early 70's. It is still working fine, and it is sitting about 3' from me right now.

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