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DVD - poor quality



I have a project that was created on digital video, edited with an AVID and put out as an AVI. Converted it to an .flv for use on the web. It looks great. Now I want to make a DVD out of it that will play on any DVD player. Using MyDVD in Creator 2010 I loaded the .avi file into a menu and burned a DVD. Quality of the image is really bad. I suspect it has to do with settings, or the size of the original AVI - which was small - or is there a fromat other the .AVI that I should be using.


Any guidence would be appreciated. Thanks.

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"small" is a little vague… :D


One thing you must realize in Video is that you cannot render UP! Meaning you cannot take a file of low to medium quality and make it better.


In fact in some cases going down is just as bad.


All video is measured in length and quality settings. File size is a completely useless comparison.


I capture and work in DV at highest quality - 720 X 480 8-9mbps. This is carried throughout all work until I need to drop it to something less. Projects are used rather than making a bunch of little special files.


For HD, my camcorder makes mp4 files, so I simply copy them onto my PC and use them.


By keeping the files at the highest quality and using Projects, I can jump from BD to VCD to DVD or AVCHD and never worry about video files.

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