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slideshow playback



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When I used EMC 7 my slideshow played all through each slideshow. EMC 8 stops afte each slideshow and goes back to the main menu. I need the dvd to play through til the end. Is there a setting I am missing?



V8 has three flavors; do you have Essentials, Platinum (standard) or Deluxe? There are many posts about how to put in a linked button that will play all the slides shows one after another. I won't repost the instructions; look at the board for the video functions.

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Is this the one your talking about Steve?


For what it is worth, here is just an example of how a user may use the unlinked button feature.


1. Open MyDVD and change the menu style to something with text only for buttons. Call this menu the Main Menu

2. Create two unlinked buttons, one called Play Movie and one called Select Chapters

3. Create a submenu called Chapter menu

4. Import several (I used only 4 as a test) movies onto the submenu (Chapter Menu). Each movie should have the Main Menu selected in the After Playing window in settings.

5. Back on the Main Menu, right click on the Play Movie button. show settings, and set the Go To drop down menu in the Link window to All movies in project.

6. Do the same for the Select Chapters button but set the Go To drop down to Chapter Menu.


What you end up with is click the Play Movie button, and the all imported movies play one after the other. Clicking the Select Chapters button takes you to the Chapter Menu where you can select individual chapters and it will return to the Chapter menu after playing allowing the user to select another chapter if desired.

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Is this the one your talking about Steve?


Yes Patty, thank-you. I guess I was a little lazy yesterday.


If the original poster does not want to have the choice of playing individual movies, they can do this.


Tip: To add more than one file at a time, press and hold Ctrl while you select the files.


If you add more than one file at a time, the files are all included in one movie and will play one after the other when you play the production. .


If the OP has the deluxe, they can do this:


Changing movie settings


The movie settings let you specify which menu or movie is displayed when a movie finishes playing. In DVD projects, you can also set video and audio encoding parameters for individual movies. For example, you might want to encode a particular movie at a high bitrate while letting MyDVD set the bitrates for other movies using Fit to Disc.


<H4 class=pHeading3>To change a movie’s settings, do one of the following: </H4>

If you are already editing the movie in the Production Editor, click the Back button to return to menu editing.
Select the movie in the Project View area (Movies tab), then choose View > Settings.<A name=wp1241467>The Settings dialog box opens. The dialog box’s Main tab lets you specify what happens when the movie finishes playing. The Encoding tab lets you change the encoding parameters

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