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Can't convert Video_TS folder for ipod touch


I've been using Popcorn 1.x until today, when I bought a new ipod touch. I purchased popcorn 3 two years ago (ok, I'm a bit slow, but v1.x worked just fine for me) and installed - and updated - it today. I still have v1.x in my Applications folder. Now I want to put a movie on my ipod. Using the manual that came with the software (p 18) I did:

1. Step 1 launch and drag Video_TS folder. OK

2. Click Copy button. OK

3. Choose a device. NOT OK


There is no device choice when I click o n the Copy button. the ONLY choice that shows up in the popdown menu is my DVD burner. Clearly, I'm missing something. So at the moment I'm burning a DVD. BTW, encoding is taking forever.


I just want to get the movie onto the ipod I already have it on DVD.


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In Popcorn 3 Roxio separated the options that are for making DVDs from the options that are for converting to other formats. You are using the wrong setting. Look at the main Popcorn window and browse the list of settings on the left. You'll see a DVD section and a Convert section. Clicking the red button in the Convert section produces the export options.

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