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Difficulty highlighting menus when dixc is burned



I am fairly new to using Roxio Cretaor 2010 and have the following problem; the titles I have assigned to the movies I've added to a MyDVD project do not seem to highlight properly; only half of the title gets highlighted although it functions properly when selected.


I am running Windows 7 with an nVIdia GeForce 9500 GT graphics card.


I have selected "hardware" to render the project under TOOLS>OPTIONS in the MyDVD window. I have had to do this because when "software" hade been selected previously the program would hang midway through burning; once at 5% and another time at 73%.


(Also could someone please explain what the difference is between hardware and software rendering)


I have tried saving a disc image file (.iso), and burning from that but still no avail.


When I preview the project it looks fine and the movie title is properly highlighted. It is only when I burn the disc that the problems occur.


This is how I've compiled the projects (I've tried several projects this way with the same problems in all).


1. Select "MyDVD" from Roxio home

2. "Change Menu Background" and select a 679 MB 1:40 .avi file.

3. "Change Menu Audio" and select a 16.8 MB 1:40 .wav file.

4. Set time in "Motion Menu" to 1:40 (100 sec)

4. "Add New Movie" and select an approximately (it varies depending on the movie I want) 550 MB 48:00 .avi file

5. Highlight the movie name and select the color and font I want

6. Repeat the last two steps for the second movie


At the bottom of the screen I am told "Used: 46472.2 MB Free: 25.8 MB Time Remaining: 00:00:34.

Do I need to change the button style? When I choose another text only button style I have the same problem.


Also what is a quick and easy way to access the video tutorials, either in the program or on the website.


Thanks for all the help.

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