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iphoto images not showing in media Browser



Not quite sure why this is happening. My itunes library and songs show up in the media browser, but my iphoto library does not. I haven't made any changes to the location of my iphoto library location, its' still where its' always been. I did however create a new iphoto library within iphoto and I wonder if that creates a problem with toast in that toast doesn't know where to look for the iphoto library. I did trash toast preferences, that didn't work, then trashed toast and did a reinstall and the media browser still won't list the iphoto images.


Any ideas?



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Not sure about this. I think I've seen the problem before but don't know a solution. You might check the iPhoto forum at Apple's discussion groups to see if there are threads about the media browser not working in third party apps.

I found out what is causing this to happen. I contacted Karelia s/w who makes the imedia browser app. Bottom line is that if you create a slideshow in iphoto that uses a song in itunes and that song's title or even its metadata contains an "&", then it causes imedia browser, the media browser in toast as well as the media browser in neooffice to not recognize the iphoto library. Here is the text of my emails with Karelia tech support and you would also want to check out the following link for all the technical stuff:




What I did was to change the music of the slideshow to a song that did not have any "&" and now iphoto photos show up as expected in all the media browsers.


What a deep and very obscure bug. My thanks to Karelia tech support for finding this because I never would have.


For those who are interested in the imedia browser app, here is the link to the beta which will allow itunes song data that has an "&" to work with iphoto and not conflict with the media browser in toast:




From: "Karelia Software" <company@karelia.com>

Date: February 8, 2010 6:59:02 PM EST


Subject: Re: (Case 63165) iPhoto library not listed in browser [General Inquiry]


Right, the problem is only going to show up for people who have created a slide show with music with a "&" in the file name or folder name of the track.  Very obscure issue!


Regarding the other apps -- any other application that tries to read the iPhoto library is going to have the same issue, unless they have already found the issue and worked around it like we have.  You could contact them, letting them know about the issue, and mention that their developers might want to have a look at this URL:








Dan Wood




-----Original Message-----

From: "Bob O'Halloran" <bohalloran@bellsouth.net>


Date: Mon, 8 Feb 2010 18:17:34 -0500

To: "Karelia Software" <company@karelia.com>

Subject: Re: (Case 63165) iPhoto library not listed in browser [General Inquiry]




Now I know why the 1.2.1 version works on my MBP and not on my PM G5.   

As I read your email you mentioned that the "&" in an itunes song that  

was used in an iphoto slideshow was causing the problem.  Well, it  

just so happens that I recently created a slideshow in iphoto using a  

Joan Baez song, "windrose" by name on my PM G5.  Well, my iphoto  

library that is on my ext hd used by my MBP DOES NOT contain that  

slideshow. Though you were probably able to figure that out, just  

thought I'd pass it along in case others may do the same thing and  

have the same problem.


I'll install the beta version on my MBP as well.




Hi Dan,


Wow, that was a deep bug.  It does work fine now on my PM G5.


I do have another question, though it may well not be in your purview,  

if not I understand, but When I use Toast, version 10.0.2 on my PM G5  

and neooffice version 3.0.2 patch 0 I get the same situation, itunes  

songs show up but no photos in iphoto. I don't know enough to know if  

Roxio actually uses imedia and adapt it for use in toast, if so maybe  

its based on a previous release of imdeia.  Maybe the same holds true  

for neooffice.


just curious, if both apps use imedia, what is the best way to let  

roxio and the folks at neooffice know?


thanks so much for your help and I keep an eye out for the next  

release of imedia browser.




On Feb 8, 2010, at 4:42 PM, Karelia Software wrote:


OK, this confirms my suspicions.  There's a bug in iPhoto where they  

are improperly storing the paths to files containing "&" in them, in  

references to music in your iTunes library, for use in slide shows.   

In your case the culprit is Joan Baez_ The Complete A&M Recordings.


We've actually had this fix for a while, but we hadn't made it  

public yet.  I went ahead and made a new beta version that fixes --  

well, works around -- this problem.


You can download it here:




Let me know if this doesn't do the trick!




Dan Wood



Open Radar

Community bug reports

iPhoto illegal Ampersand XML encoding in AlbumData.xml

Originator: dwood

Number: rdar://7469235 Date Originated: 2009-12-14

Status: Open Resolved:

Product: iApps Product Version: iPhoto 8.1.1

Classification: Serious Bug Reproducible: Always




An saved iPhoto SlideShow incorrectly encodes the '&' character in AlbumData.xml


Steps to Reproduce:


1. in iPhoto, create a new Slideshow in the source list.

2. For the music of the slideshow, select a band or track name with '&' in the path, e.g. Simon & Garfunkel

3. Quit iPhoto


4. Examine the XML file ~/Pictures/iPhoto Library/AlbumData.xml


(for instance, do grep 'Garfunkel' <path_to_AlbumData.xml>


Expected Results:


In the slideshow data dictionary, the string for the Song_Path key should properly encode the ampersand as & so that external programs can read this file


Actual Results:


The '&' in the path to the song is not encoded properly, which make this an unreadable file. This causes any of the dozens of shipping applications that use the iMedia Browser framework to be completely unable to read the iPhoto library.



Here is a concrete example when I tried it:



<string>/Volumes/dwood/Music/iTunes/iTunes Music/Music/Simon & Garfunkel/The Concert In Central Park/05 Scarborough Fair.m4a</string>









Note that there is another key "SongPath" which *does* properly encode the '&' in the value. It's not obvious as to why there are two similar keys/values, with one correct and one incorrect.






Filed duplicate rdar://7469465

Hope Apple gets on it soon.

Edited by bohalloran
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