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juttering video


Hey all,

I have been having a juttering ( jittering ) problem when I burn a dvd from an Avid sequence to Roxio dvd burner.

The problem is that the video has a "juttering" or jitters when i play it back in my regular dvd player that is hooked up to the t.v.

The video I put into a quick time movie plays just fine on my Avid, and on my computer, but, has a jitter in it once I brun a dvd useing Roxio.

I have tried the settings Sorenson Squeeze and Sorenson Squeeze for dvd, and quick time movie when Roxio ask what format I want before I burn the dvd. Please let me know what settings I should use to stop the juttering of the video. Thanks, Andy

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Hi Guy, You have not supplied enough info to tell what the problem is but sounds like an interlace problem, make sure you select deinterlace in your sorenson settings. Here is my workflow from Media Composer - select complete sequence timeline, export as Quicktime Reference, do not use the Avid codec, sorenson dosen't like it, once exported drag just the movie file into sorenson, the audio will follow automatically, the select mpeg2, NTSC Large, apply to movie, select a bitreate of around 6000K for video- PCM audio 1536K, deinterlace, etc, squeeze it and bring the files into Sonic to burn. Should be good to go. Greg

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