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Rhapsody Disables all editing in Roxio EMC 10



I received a Sansa MP3 player that came with a Rhapsody install disc with the player. What a big mistake I made installing this software. After installing Rhapsody I noticed that EMC 10 editing functions will no longer work. . It also changes all icons for MP3 files to their Rhapsody icon . MP3 File association is directed to Rhapsody. I won't even get into the $15 a month charge or the $.99 or the $1.29 charge for each download of each song.

Or the computer authorization required or the MP3 player authorization required .

You can not even edit old songs that were installed prior to installing Rhasody .

I have not uninstalled this yet as I am waiting on suggestions as to what I should do.


I would greatly appreciate any suggestions on this matter.


Thankyou for your time



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- In what sense are editing functions not working - elaborate.

- File associations is more a OS thing, you can change it to any desired application.


What I mean is that When you want to apply a fade-in or fade out in the Sound Editor for example you normally will drag the grey area to expand it and then apply function.

What was happening is that it was not allowing me to expand the grey edit area at all.

I Checked one of my other computers running EMC10 that does not have Rhapsody installed and am able to edit (expand or contract) that greyed area.


see the article http://forums.support.roxio.com/index.php?showtopic=20622 to see the grey vertical line that I am talking about.

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