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Why does the burned disc show DATA Folder on the DVD player?



When I hit the home button on my DVD player and click on "movie" two folders appear: one that plays the movie and one that says "data"...clicking on it takes you to the audio_ts & video_ts folders.


Am I somehow burning a data disc or DVD-ROM? I am making a master for a commercial DVD that is going to the presses this weekend, so I need to fix this! I'm pretty sure the problem stems from something within Toast 10.


Here's all the details:


The movie is an export from Final Cut Pro.

The menus were whipped up in iDVD.

I used myDVDedit to rewrite the video_ts files as "16:9 auto Letterbox" (and I've skipped this step on a few test discs, so I know the problem isn't with this program)

I drop my video_ts folder in its designated spot in Toast 10, burn the DVD...and that's about it.

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It's tricky how to answer your question. Technically a VIDEO_TS folder is data. It just happens to be created in the form that is read by video DVD players according to the video DVD spec. An empty AUDIO_TS folder also is customary to meet the video DVD specs even though it has no content. A video DVD can also have additional data content outside of the VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS folders intended for access on computers. You'll find additional data content on many commercial DVDs although it is usually for use with PCs rather than Macs.


Apparently your DVD player has an option to search for data content as well as for movies. That may be there for accessing pictures and videos in jpeg and DivX formats that may be on the disc. That's just a guess.


You can burn an existing VIDEO_TS folder using the DVD-Rom (UDF) setting in the Toast Copy window and it will be no different than burning any other video DVD.


My point is that you have nothing to worry about here. Your DVD has a VIDEO_TS and an AUDIO_TS folder created by Toast. It therefore meets the video DVD specifications.

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