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Photosuite Photo print issues



Hello anyone,

I have the Roxio 2010 running on a Windows7 64 bit profesional system and have updated all Microsoft printer software and cannot print successfully to a D7460(HP) printer. The photos come out with random sized and spaced areas that have no printing (Think of white lines and rectangles in a color photo) I can print the picture fine from Adobe Photo elements and I can print directly from usb stick, CF memory etc or drag and drop the file onto the printer on my desktop. It's just trying to print a photo when the source is the photo tray using Roxio 2010 a sAdobe printes form this photo tray just fine as well. Has anyone else experienced similiar issues and/or been able to "Fix" this annoying issue? I've reoved and clean installed Roxio using the clean install instruction till I'm blue in the face and it's getting rather frustrating to not be able to use this suite. Any insights are greatly appreciated



AMD PhenomII x4 940

4 GB memory

Windows7 64 BIT Professional

D7460 Printer-HP-usb connected

Roxio 2010 with SP1 installed

ATI 4870 1 GB GDDR5



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I have the same problem, did you find a solution to it?


Did you notice the date of that post" 6 months ago


This has nothing to do with the printing but if you have exactly the same problem then the first thing to do is to update to SP2 and to update the web capture patch (here)


Since the OP never came back (for any post the OP made), then we have to assume that the OP was able to fix the problem. Unfortunately, the OP never came back and told us how.


Did you install the printer drivers correctly? Do you have any other issues with Creator 2010? Have you done the cleaan install as the OP did?


Also did you understand what the OP said in the sentence about the photo tray Quote "source is the photo tray using Roxio 2010 a sAdobe printes form this photo tray just fine as well" I'm not clear on that sentence.

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I'm not familiar with HP printers, but with some Canons, the user must make sure that the 4x6 photo tray is correctly selected AND the proper paper size is also selected . Those are two separate drop-downs in the Printer Properties. PhotoSuite gets the paper size and print margins from the printer driver so the printer driver must be set correctly.

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