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Jam Crossfade not working



Well this is not funny. Around 10 years ago the company I worked at was using Jam 3 which caused them great headaches for it refused to crossfade every short sound snippet that was between 1 second and around half a minute long.


I bought Jam 5 later for myself, for I thought, hey party like its 1999, the company has certainly fixed this.

Of course it hadn´t fixed Jam 5. The crossfading of short sound files under ca 25 seconds length still didn´t work. No bugfix or update was ever released to fix this, though this essentially made the programme quite disfunctional for me.


Now its 2006 and I must read in these forum, that a user complains about being unable to crossfade short tunes and sounds for a CD with Jam.


You must be joking, how do you get away with this? Don´t your engineers test your software, especially their core-features, that justify the hefty price tag of 99 Dollars every few years ?


The so called "upgrades" are as expensive as if one would buy the software new every few years so one could expect a little care for the stuff the customers have to put up with.


When will this bug be fixed? Even Macworld tests Jam "successfully" every few years without ever mentioning this persitent bug, touting and praising Jam. I think Mac usesrs are still the better Cash-Cows to milk?


Could you please get this fixed, and if you were fair, you would even do this for users of older Jam-Versions, for they never got what they payed for.



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I am burning a disc as I type this. I have Jam 6, and a couple of 11 second MP3s (some rintones I happened to have). I did a simple 5 second crossfade across both tracks, worked like a champ. Plays in my PS2 (the most handy CD player I have besides my powerbook).

If you provide some additional information on your source files. The exact symptom with the crossfade and anything else you think would help and we will see what can be worked out.

Oh, and I wouldn't plan on any type of fix for software that isnt even supported anymore. Although I work for roxio, I want to state very clearly that Jam 5 is so old it has reached end of life status, meaning it is no longer supported. I responed to this query because of the tone of your message.

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