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How do I setup MyTV ToGo with my Sony PlayStation Portable

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1. Insert your memorystick into your Sony PSP then plug your PSP into your computer using a USB cable, power on the PSP and put it into USB-mode. [see the PSP documentation for details] At this point you should see a new Windows drive letter displayed. Make sure there's a folder named MP_ROOT\100MNV01 and MP_ROOT\100ANV01\ on the new PSP drive. If there's not then you can find more information on creating the folder here http://mytvtogo.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=15


2. Install MyTV ToGo.


3. Run MyTV ToGo either as a Media Center Add-in (Media Center | More Programs | MyTV ToGo) OR as a Windows XP stand-alone program (Start | All Programs | MyTV ToGo)


4. The first time you run MyTV ToGo you will be taken to the Settings screen. From "Select Video conversion type" select "PlayStation Portable PSP"




5. From "Select video conversion quality" select either Compatible, Good, Better, or Best depending on the quality (and resulting size) of the video file that you would like. Compatible will create the smallest video file with the lowest quality while Best will create the largest video file with the highest quality. The Good setting is a balance between file size and video quality. You can return to the Settings screen anytime to update this setting based on your current needs.


6. From "Select where to copy converted files" select "To portable device" if you want to copy your TV shows directly to your mobile device if your PSP is in USB mode.


7. Press the Save button to return to the main MyTV ToGo screen.




8. If everything is setup correctly then there should be a picture of a PlayStation Portable on the lower left side of the screen and you should see the total free space on the PSP. If you don't see this information then please see step 1 and setup the PSP in USB mode.


9. Select one or more TV shows from the list box and press the "Convert and Copy" button. Your TV Show will be converted and copied directly to your PSP. Note ... TV shows must be renamed in order for the PSP to find them. This is done automatically by MyTV ToGo so please don't try to drag-and-drop a TV show from your hard drive to the PSP drive letter. This will not work and the PSP will not see the TV Show.


10. Once the conversion and copy is complete then you can find your TV show on your PSP under Video | MemoryStick.

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