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Is Toast 10 better than Toast 8 re ragged interlacing movement?



I have used Toast for years, and am presently using version 8.0.5. (I know that it has its own forum, but this question is "Is Toast 10 better than 8 re. my problem below).


Over the past couple of years I have used Toast 8 to make about 30 DVDs of my "home movies".

(The process is... Canon HV20, filmed in 1920x1080i, imported into iMovie 604 on a 24 inch Intel iMac, edited in iMovie 604, then, drag the finished iMovie files* into Toast 8 Titanium, and burn the DVD)

It works perfectly every time.

* Note that I said "drag in my iMovie file" (in the plural). This is because if I make just one file, a film of say 75 minutes, then when I export the iMovie file into Quicktime, or directly into Toast and onto a DVD, then about half way through the finished DVD the sound and video are out of synchronisation.

But if I split the film into 3 or 4 individual parts, this does not happen. (Same thing happens with iDVD)


My only complaint with Toast is the quality of moving edges in the image.

i.e. Where arms and legs are moving significantly fast, or where people walk by, within 2 or 3 metres of the camera lens, then these moving objects have very annoying ragged edges.

It seems to be heavy interlacing.

Not knowing better I have accepted this as normal, very annoying, but normal.


The last two DVDs I have made, I made with iDVD (part of iLife '08), instead of Toast.

I was surprised to find that iDVD does not give these ragged edges, or at least they are hardly noticable.


But I don't really want to use iDVD. The menus take too much disk space, and they take too much time to fill with video clips and music. Worst of all is that some people who get a copy of the DVD, get lost amongst the menus and sub menus and miss some parts of the film. I prefer the foolproof simplicity of Toast.


My question is....

A - Is there some button or control I should be clicking on Toast to avoid those ragged edges.

B - Is Toast 10 any better than 8 regarding these ragged edges



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I don't know if Toast 10 is better. If you buy it as a download from Roxio they have a 30-day refund policy if the software doesn't meet your needs.


My brother and I have done a lot of experimenting with settings for making standard-definition video DVDs from HD sources. One approach that seems to eliminate interlacing artifacts is to use the movie editing application (in your case iMovie) to export the video at the anamorphic 720x480 DVPro NTSC setting (I think it is 838x489) but to save it deinterlaced rather than interlaced. Use that export in Toast to see how it looks. You can do it with a short test clip so it is easy to experiment with different settings.

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