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not enough space



I have Ez cd&dvd burning. since i bought the product i have only been able to burn very small dvd's ( data wise). it always reads the blank disc as having 4.4gb instead of 4.7 and will eject it asking for a blank disc. my destination drive is a pioneer dvdrw dl. anyone????

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A DVD will hold about 4,707,320,000 bytes which some people call 4.7 Gigabytes. A sort of 'decimal' Gigabyte? It's popular among drive manufacturers, bit it's not correct.


Since a KB is actually 1024 bytes, a MB is 1,048,576, and a GB is 1,073,741,824 bytes, that makes the capacity of a DVD actually equal to 4.3 'real' Gigabytes.


I hope that helps clear up the confusion. Your software may be rejecting your attempts to put 4.7 'real' GB onto a disc.

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