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Edit Chapters window function



:) Please help... This is just too basic of a function in DVD creation.


I've gone through previous posts, so I'll make this as easy as possible.

I'm running EMC 8 (805B30B)

on a Dell XPS Gen4/3.5 GHz/3GB RAM/NVidia GForce 6800

on XP Pro SP2


I'm trying to bring together some previously shot video clips (~ 16 files, 1Hr 20Min) into a DVD project. I wanted to edit their duration and add transitions, so I brought them into VideoWave and did just that. But in VideoWave there seems to be no concept of chapters, this seems very strange to me for a product with so much functionality. I guess the idea is it's going to generate a single FILE, and in DVDs, each chapter needs to be a stand alone file(???), is that the right direction?


Anyway, I then noticed the "send to myDVD" and selected that. Great, now I'm looking at a menu with one chapter named "production." I now select Movie>Edit Chapters and the expected window comes up, but none of the functions do anything!


The one quick and dirty method I'd expect to be bullet proof is the "Start of every Panel" option, as those were my ORIGINAL video file transition points, right? No brainer. However, the preview window is all black, play does nothing, and none of the "automatically create chapters" options does anything??


I've read post replies suggesting system performance, and I read one reply post suggesting to another victim of this same problem to "do it manually, Auto is too much for the computer," but that's a certainly giving Roxio a BIG pass isn't it?


Creating chapters is one of the most basic ideas in DVD creation. Any ideas?

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First, Videowave is for EDITING ONLY. To make things faster, you can capture into smaller files. Everything will be 'reassembled' during render.


MyDVD is the program that creates the DVD menu, chapters and renders to the proper files for burning.


Appears you have done the correct steps. So you are saying that the EDIT CHAPTERS dialog box below, none of the options work? If so, then something is wrong.


Try this:

Open your MyDVD project

Right mouse button click on the video thumbnail

Select EDIT CHAPTERS. You should get the dialog box below.

How it works:


Starting with the preview. You should see teh first frame of the video like my screenshot. There are VCR type button: Play pause etc. Under that is teh Add Chapter Here button.


You can Move the little blue line under the Preview OR play the video. Press the STOP when you where you want a chapter mark. Then press the ADD CHAPTER HERE button.


That is the manual way. To create chapter marks automatically, use any of the three options below that. Click one of the radial buttons. Scene detect works best on digital footage by using the date/time code. With analog, it tries to analyze the video.


Start at every panel: This is where you have made cuts or added separate clips.


Every XXX seconds. Self explanatory

As you can see in my example, I chose every 300 seconds (5min)


At the bottom is a check mark to create a chapter's submenu. This creates a second menu so the viewer can select a particular Chapter to watch.


If you can't do any of this, then you may need to uninstall and reinstall. Make sure you have updated video drivers and DirectX.


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