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Is Back on Track Like Nortan Ghost?




My mini-netbook comes with Backontrack. I have used nortan ghost 14 before for backup my windows with my desktop.


I need to know is,


Is Backontrack restore windows with all installed software with it's registrations? I have activated several software online & they do not support re-activation often! Ghost did this well & I need to know Backontrack full drive backup can do this too?



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As far as I can tell yes it will do that.Make sure it's the Disaster recovery that you're doing.

I've not used it to Restore,only to Backup.And then only as a test to see what happens.

It seems that it works the same as Ghost does.


When you make the Backup you need to create the Recovery Disc at the same time.It's used just like a boot disc from Ghost.

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