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Converting video from a DVD-RAM disc



I've just bought and installed Creator 2010 in order to convert files that have been recorded onto a DVD-RAM disc by my Panasonic DVD Recorder. The files on the disc are in a DVD_RATV folder with .bup, .ifo and .vro extensions and the .vro file is the big one with the video in presumably.


I can start Video Copy & Convert, select the movie off the disc, I then get the 'Caching title' dialog and can then preview the source when it returns to the main window. So far so good! Now I hit the GO button and it shows the 'Encoding to mpeg-4' dialog which very quickly gets to 100% an closes. I then either get no file written to the chosen folder, or I sometimes get a 0 byte file.


I've had a look around the support pages and suspect that the application does not support this file type.


Can you confirm if this should work?


I am frustrated that I get no warning/information error messages... :(

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As I recall, the disc MUST be Finalized or Closed while in the camcorder… see your manual.


Then you either have to import directly from the RAM disc or copy the VIDEO_TS folder to your HDD and import from there…


Been a while since I had a RAM disc and I don’t have any around the house anymore, so try it both ways using VideoWave.


Let us know how you make out!

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