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Burning Project to HD Folder - Menu's missing ?



I have a completed project with menu and submenus - toal size 8.2GB (300 Meg Free on 8.5GB)

All works fine in preview. Then I burn to HD folder (to test play functions).


1) When I burn HD Folder with "Best" option in project settings, the folder gets created but does not play right. The entire menu strucure does not exist and some of the menu audio is missing.


2) When I burn HD Folder with "Fit to Disc" option in project settings, the folder actual ends up only being 6.5G and is playable with all the right features which leads me to believe that my original project was too large ???



Any idea why this happens, I am leaning towards thinking the project is too large/long but yet the bar on the bottom of the project indicates 300 Meg to spare...? Is this perhaps only a reflection of the project movie files and not the size required for menu structure...?


HD Space and PC performance are not an issue I believe...

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This has happened to me on a few occasions. All I did was turn around and burn the folder again and it worked.


If you are going to burn to dual layer or wanting Disc Copier to transcode to single layer, try setting the project to "Best". If the video is longer than 1 hr 58 min, there is a good chance the end may be cut off.

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