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High Def Output



Hey, I`m taking the big leap to high def video, uprgraded to the 2010 Creator Pro. I also ordered a Canon vixia HF200 to shoot with.


So I start hearing about ghosting, interlaced video, that I need to deinterlace video for good high-def playback on the web without jags, and begin to poke around in the output on Roxio.


My general quesion is this. Does the Creator 2010 pro deinterlace with the default compression outputs,if so which option should I select for best high def performance, or is it necessary to select My Template , I noticed that one of the selection boxes available in the advanced mode has an option to interlace.

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OK, I`ll give it a shot.


While I do make discs and DVD`s, most of my video efforts are done for the web, so the de-interlacing technology on TV sets will not give me a real time look at how it will appear after uploaded the net, and I don`t as of yet have HD on the computer display.


I`ve been using an SD camera with Roxio 2009 Creator and have been fairly satisfied with the results as far as performance,but I have been a little dissapointed with quality,overall,in regards to the finished products. Nothing to do with Roxo of course, I just want my videos to be very crisp and clear like some of the videos I`ve seen posted to the net in high def. I want to do this on a poor mans budget without having to invest in a 5000 dollar video camera and software that you need a degree to use.


I did find while looking at the 2010 functions an option to chose output of the file as Progressive or Interlaced video in the My Template Advanced section for mpeg files. So I kind of answered my own question. If I understand things right, the progressive option will de-interlace the video, and it also offers a compression size at 720p, which is good for most online host sites, so that option might take care of any artifacts in the video.


I was just curious if de-interlacing was a default in the basic Roxio output programs.


Now that I`ve found this board, I`ll probably be back with more questions. I learned the 2009 program by thumbin the manual, click and use, and that resulted in a few cuss at the computer sessions .


Thanks for geting back to me so quicly.

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